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AldAstra Labs is the hub dedicated to innovate all. AI/ML Solutions, Semantic Search, Automation you name it.

What we do?

We are makers above all else. If you have an idea, but no clue how to make it happen, we can help you out.

AldAstra Labs is your gateway to breakthroughs in Machine Learning and Large Language Models. We build on exclusive tools and internal frameworks, turning complex ideas into everyday applications.

Mastering NLP, Semantic Search, and Web Integration, we bring AI solutions to life. From training intricate models to integrating them seamlessly on the web, our technological prowess remains unmatched.


Our latest releases

Technical innovations that are unique, inspired by our extensive expertise and reliable operations.

24/7 Customer Support with AI Integration. Customizable Chatbots for Personalized Interactions. Data-Driven Insights for Improved Customer Experience. Seamless Integration with Existing Platforms

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Our innovative ideas let us and our clients do more with less and focus on bigger projects.

Our implementation team created blueprints of time-consuming processes and brainstormed ideas to speedup, improve and ascend.

Then, we turned our initial findings into a plan for implementing or integrating them into any online business. By automating processes and reducing daily time-consuming tasks, we support our client’s efforts to streamline their workflow.

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Innovations Powered by GPT-4

Integrate the latest LLMs like GPT-4 into your products and workflows to enable effortless content creation, predictive analytics, hyper-personalization, and more.No limits to innovation.

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Where Cutting-Edge AI Meets Big Dreams

We go beyond the cutting edge of what's possible with AI. While others follow, we pioneer. Our secret? A bold vision and rapid execution. We dream big, move fast, and leverage our exclusive access to the most advanced AI models. This fuels breakthrough proofs of concept that defy convention.

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You're in good company.

AldAstra is the heartbeat for your startup. Join thousands of successful products, software companies, and digital creators using our services. Become part of a growing community of innovative thinkers, makers, movers, and shakers — you're in good company here.

Synim Selimi

Cofounder, Head of R&D

Synim Selimi

Diellëza Galica

Cofounder, Head of Platform

Diellëza Galica

Blina Hakuli

Digital Marketing Officer

Blina Hakuli

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Try out our products.


Your AI Support Lead

Make Customer Support Accessible to Everyone. Efficient, Scalable, and Always Learning.

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Say less, to say more

Unlock the power of AI-generated content curation and engagement to elevate your professional and personal communications.

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Grow Twitter Fast & Furiously

Set your follow strategy once and forget about it. Let TweetPeek do its magic and grow your audience, while you do you.

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Scoped Experiences

ScopexJS, a versatile framework for building and deploying standalone web experiences.

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Automate Experimentation

Testful automates the delivery of multiple experiments in one go, through A/B templates, which require zero development effort to be updated and deployed across any market.

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